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Computers & software for sale Old Hubli | Locanto 2020-7-20 · In the category Computers & software for sale Old Hubli you can find more than 10 classifieds, e.g.: hard drives, printers or computer components. In The 80s - Vintage Computer Games of the Eighties I do not remember the specifics of the computer but I played the game along with Digger, Frogger and Joust on my dad's old work computer from mid to late 80's. The object was to get Janitor Joe up the levels on the screen (like donkey kong) without running into the robots that had taken over the building.

We specialize in vintage computing books, manuals, journals, references, documentation and more - from ENIAC to IBM, from the era of vacuum tubes, to the transistor, to microprocessors; from punched cards to early personal computers

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2020-3-11 · Daves Old Computer Collection. Intertec SuperBrain 1980 RED Z80(2) All-In-One CP/M system SuperBrain-QD 1980 RFD Z80(2) Quad Density SuperBrain Intertec SuperBrain21982 RED Z80(2) All-In-One CP/M system NorthStar Advantage 1982 RED Z80 Graphical Successor to Horizon Osborne-1 1981 UED2 Z80 First portable CP/M computer Osborne-1a 1982 UED2 Z80 Slightly …

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