WASHINGTON – With another round of stimulus checks in the works, a new study concludes that people who are poor, Black or Latino were less likely to get the $1,200 payments distributed last

Dec 07, 2010 HELP! Spyware/Virus Blocking Website Access - May 2009 May 12, 2009 Kaspersky Lab Forum: Archive Oct 25, 2016 Virus blocks internet access, redirects | Tech Support Guy

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When I try to log in, McAfee blocks me from it saying that it is a trojan virus. Realfast sent me this email:-----Realfast2Go Anti Virus Information. Realfast2Go saves and transfers data to and from both the Realfast2Go server and the local computer's hard drive. Web Protection Blocks all internet access - Malwarebytes Feb 15, 2019

Virus blocks internet access, redirects | Tech Support Guy

Virus prevents Mac Internet access - The Daily Orange The virus had been removed from his Mac’s system, but SU’s wireless network had detected that Rogers’ computer was infected at some point, and his Mac was quarantined. Though he can still connect to the Internet through an Ethernet cable, he said it is a large inconvenience, and he is somewhat confused about how to save his important files.