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Dec 09, 2008 · It is probably of no use to use my settings as every PC, ISP, Broadband plan, etc., is different. My settings are radically different from the MS defaults and many times faster. Do some google searches on speed up broadband , broadband speed , DrTcp or similar wording for lots of places to start your research. Mar 02, 2007 · matt, Get DrTCP to change mtu settings on your computer to 1365. Just do a search. Rudy. February 15, 2009 at 7:18 PM Anonymous said Nov 13, 2007 · On Bungie.net it is recommended to change the QOS settings. I was wondering what i should do regarding that, plus if i should enable some other things as well? You can try DRTCP from http If you want to tweak you TCP/IP settings, there are very few I'd recommend. One is this THIS SITE, first test to see what can be tweaked or needs to be, and then get DrTCP from the same site (link on left). The size of the structure specified by the sizeof parameter found in DRT_SETTINGS with the purpose of allowing new fields in the structure in future versions of the DRT API. cbKey. Specifies the exact number of bytes for keys in this DRT instance. Currently only 8 bytes are supported. Any other values will return E_INVALIDARG via the DrtOpen

Dec 09, 2008

How to Boost Internet Speed in Windows with Dr. TCP

Download DrTCP For Windows Xp. Steps For Increasing RWIN Value of Windows. Just install the software and calibrate your connection. That’s all.

RWIN Settings?? - Broadband Tweaks | DSLReports Forums Mar 17, 2001 Re: Problem with RWIN Settings & Low D/L Speeds - Plusnet So, have run DrTCP, and adjusted the RWIN Value to 108800, Saved, Exited and then rebooted. However when I've run the TweakTest again, I still get the same results. Have tried this twice now, with same result - Am guessing from this, that for some reason, the changes in Dr TCP are not actually being written to the registry - or they are, but