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BlackBerry announces extended support for BlackBerry 10 While the news of BlackBerry continuing to support the offerings is great, the announcement also highlights the other issue that folks using those devices are continuing to deal with and that's the fact that a lot of the apps and services for those older devices are continuing to disappear or be shut down and finding alternatives is not always easy or guaranteed. BlackBerry Technical Support Services - FAQ 2017-4-26 · All BlackBerry Technical Support Services subscribers, either Premium or Advantage level, are entitled to use myAccount for their BlackBerry self-service needs. Note : Although all Support levels are welcome and encouraged to use my Account to submit new Support Service requests, Advantage level subscribers must use my Account as their solitary

2019-8-14 · BlackBerry服务BlackBerry Services是您最爱的一切 BlackBerry 应用程序赖以创建的基础。 它增强了安全性并改进了工作效率。主要特点: 可在各种 BlackBerry 应用程序之间提供更一致的使用体验,包括可让您在其他 BlackBerry 应用程序中打开项目的

BlackBerry Hub+ Services is the foundation upon which all of your favorite BlackBerry applications are built. It provides both enhanced security and improved productivity. Key Features: • Find out about all BlackBerry Hub+ applications • Enjoy a more consistent experience across your BlackBerry applications, including common menus that allow you to open items in other BlackBerry Search the enterprise knowledge base, manage your support cases, download software and manage licenses. Support is available through a dedicated online portal, person-to-person help lines, community portal, knowledge base and more. Choose the Certicom Support plan that suits your organization's

BlackBerry QNX, with support from our hardware and silicon partners, offers a broad and highly optimized level of hardware support for our software, including our latest launch - QNX® Software Development Platform 7.0 (QNX® SDP 7.0).

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