BBC to launch a new and improved version of iPlayer

Reports of BBC iPlayer not loading on connected TV devices Browse our help categories. Getting Started. About BBC iPlayer and our policies. Accessibility. Getting started with BBC iPlayer iPlayer down or not working? Problems, status and outages Is iPlayer down? Last Updated a minute ago: The BBC iPlayer is a streaming television and radio service made available by the BBC. In addition to programming from the BBC, the platform also offers programs from broadcasters including ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. BBC iPlayer problems | Down Today The BBC iPlayer is a very well known video streaming platform that can be found online and also through an app on Android, iOS and Smart TV’s. However, with so many users catching up on their missed programmes it can sometimes run into problems, for instance buffering issues, poor internet connection and the app not working in general as the Solved: BBC Iplayer not working - Samsung Community

Problems casting BBC Iplayer? Has anyone else had any problems with casting bbc iplayer? I have the extension installed to chrome, and the newest firmware on the chrome cast. The icon to cast appears in the toolbar of chrome, and selecting it to cast to my device brings up a BBC iplayer "ready to cast" screen on my tv, but the video just plays

Sep 13, 2018 BBC to launch a new and improved version of iPlayer The BBC was an early adopter of the streaming TV model, launching the first version of BBC iPlayer back in 2007. Since then it’s remained a popular streaming service, offering viewers plenty of

iPlayer down or not working? Problems, status and outages

BBC iPlayer not loading - Page 2 - Roku Community Problems with iPlayer, for me, started around the new year (2020). At that time, I was still using an older Roku 3. This had worked well but once iPlayer started acting up I decided to look for a newer model and picked up a Streaming Stick Plus, thinking perhaps a newer, … Freeview down? Current outages and problems | Downdetector We can only currently use iplayer etc online. 2020-06-02 09:16:52 @jackcullenuk I first started working in comedy in 2008 for Paul Foot and we had such fun, it was - FUNNY - not the clammy clambering pile it sadly seems to be today. Panasonic Viera BBC iPlayer | AVForums